Yablon & Associates – Dedicated, Knowledgeable, Connected, Selective, Thorough
Luda Nodelman, Founder & CEO
At Yablon & Associates, we have been on the other side of the table, so we can offer a level of expertise that you won’t find from a multi-vertical recruitment agency. Our global industry knowledge, relationships and dedication are what allow us to successfully deliver the best candidates. This is what separates us from the pack and makes us more than just another staffing and recruiting firm.

"With Yablon & Associates, you will not spend a lot of time explaining your business to us, because we get it, implicitly. It is our knowledge and our vast, world-wide industry network that allows us to have the right conversations and deliver the right people to your company."

Head of Sales, Hardware-based Content Routing Provider
“Yablon & Associates is dedicated to delivering the right person for the right job, and they have a sincere desire to see their clients and the candidates they place achieve success.”
Head of Recruiting, Complex Event Processing Platform
Engagement does not stop after the hiring process is complete.
  • We believe in the power of reciprocal networking and it’s important to us that we build lasting relationships with our clients and the candidates we place - this is a top priority for us.
  • It is our relationships in the industry that allow us to find the perfect candidates for our clients without compromising the integrity of our firm.
  • Our core values are Professionalism and Integrity - we will not compromise either.
“They really listen and respect boundaries. There is a sense of integrity when you’re working with Yablon & Associates and it is clear that they take their business very seriously and respect their client relationships.”
Head of Sales, Multi-Vertical Complex Technology Provider
“What’s very unique about Yablon & Associates is their understanding of the industry as a whole and also of complex technology and the various roles and responsibilities required to run successful projects and businesses. It is very helpful working with people who understand the products that candidates would be selling or using.”
Yablon & Associates have hands-on experience in enterprise-level corporations, ranging across industries from the capital markets to complex technology services.
  • We know the politics and understand the interview and decision processes typical of bigger entities.
  • You are looking to fill a role and we know what is required of a candidate if they are to achieve success in that position.
  • We will help you write or tailor existing job descriptions for more effective results.
Rely on Yablon & Associates to enhance your company with the best possible candidate for the job.
We are focused on finding the resources you need and the talent you need to retain. Our specialty is in the sourcing, staffing and recruiting of full-time employees, consultants, and “temp-to-permanent” candidates for investment banks, hedge funds, exchanges, ECNs, financial software providers and start-up companies. We can search based on your needs, whether a targeted search for a specific requirement, or a volume search for quick-to-hire consultants for special projects. We anticipate industry shifts and we adjust our candidate pool to fit these needs.
CEO, Capital Markets Sales Training and Consulting Firm
“Every resume they deliver has a 95% success chance of getting an interview, because the resumes are all qualified and reflect Yablon & Associates’ understanding of what I am looking for. Because of this, I consistently recommend them to many of our clients.”
Our global database contains thousands of active and passive candidates just a phone call away.
  • Our connections enable us to uncover unique candidates that other staffing firms are not going to find.
  • We are on the inside track because we have the mutual respect of our clients, industry partners, and people that we have placed.
  • It is the strength of our relationships and our implicit understanding of the space that not only lets us uncover the top jobs, but enables us to locate the most qualified candidates for those jobs.
Senior VP of IT and CIO, U.S. Electronic Stock Exchange
“When you work with Yablon & Associates, you are working with very experienced, selective, patient and bright professionals. They are not going to deliver just anyone as a candidate. They do their homework, vetting and filtering the right candidates so they don’t waste my time.”
At Yablon & Associates, we are not simply trying to seal deals.
  • We will give you enough time to fully summarize your specifications and requirements and then properly process that information.
  • Our experience and subsequent relationships in the industry allow us to vet backgrounds more effectively than if we were relying only on references provided by the candidate.
  • We believe in quality over quantity and will not waste your time with candidates whose experience and skills are not a match for the role and your firm.
EVP Sales, Event Processing Platform Provider
“We met in person – they didn’t just send me off on interviews without really checking me out. This helped me as a candidate to be prepared, and now, as a hiring manager and client, it assures me they are not going to send any unqualified candidates that they haven’t first checked out themselves.”
You can rely on Yablon & Associates for our quality of work, our thorough screening, and our preparation of candidates.
  • Our goal is to partner with you and provide superior service for your specific needs.
  • We research and identify the most appropriate candidates.
  • You are not going to get dozens of candidates delivered to your table – you’re simply going to get the right candidates.
Head of HR, Electronic Stock Exchange
“Yablon & Associates helps in every possible way from writing job descriptions to providing industry insight. As a ‘one-person department,’ I rely on them to go the extra mile to anticipate things ahead of time and not let things slip through the cracks.”