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Yablon & Associates delivers the global industry’s top talent to your hiring table so that you can enrich your company with high-performing individuals who make a real difference to your business.

At Yablon & Associates, our background is in capital markets and financial services.

Our founder, Luda Nodelman, prior to starting Yablon & Associates, successfully ran large divisions for several years. She was responsible for the overall management from user discussion groups to project architecture to quality assurance and all hiring of employees and consultants.

It is past success and experience that position Yablon & Associates at an expert level when it comes to interpreting and understanding the hiring needs of our clients — and you can expect to work with someone at this expert level of experience every time.

We specialize in staffing full-time employees, consultants, “right-to-hire” candidates through our three divisions:

- Staffing for Information Technology, Sales and Admin

- Creative/Digital Arts Staffing

- RPO/RPI Staffing for volume and specialized recruiting

We provide candidates and search based on your needs, whether a targeted search for a specific requirement, or a volume search for quick-to-hire consultants for special projects.

At Yablon & Associates, we have been on the other side of the table, so we can offer a level of expertise that you won’t find in other recruitment agencies. Our industry knowledge, relationships and dedication are what allow us to successfully deliver the best candidates. This is what separates us from the pack and makes us more than just another staffing and recruiting firm.

"With Yablon & Associates, you will not spend a lot of time explaining your business to us, because we get it, implicitly. It is our knowledge and our vast, world-wide industry network that allows us to have the right conversations and deliver the right people to your company."
- Luda Nodelman, President & CEO

Our People

Rely on Yablon & Associates to enhance your company with the best possible candidate for the job you are looking to fill.

Our people come from all areas of the business arena. Our staff is comprised by some of the most creative and forward-thinking people in the Financial, Technology and Services field. We offer a unique array of assets: state-of-the-art ideas, progressive recruiting techniques, proprietary approaches to problem solving and cutting edge analytical capabilities. The diverse experience of our employee talent pool enables us to direct our team efforts around distinct customer needs. Our management and staff possess in-depth knowledge of Applications development, Sales, Project Management, Business Analysis, Systems Integration, Business Intelligence and overall business savvy.